Getting my act together

I see this girl’s blog and it is impressive how fast she integrates, how she hits the ground running, quite literally. She just moved back to the states and within 4 months has traveled back to Europe, received a visit from her boyfriend, ran a marathon in another state, has had dinner with neighbors, organized a dinner back in Europe. Really, and she is not the only one. It is like, what am I waiting for? I don’t really seize the day, you know? I tend towards fatalism. I should fight it, or make myself happy within my personality? I think that is what I should do, just strive for happiness and not force anything.


Also, ask myself how do I look from the outside, what do I send out to the viewer. I was ranting when I was talking to w and he perceived it, apparently he didn’t like it.


Anyway, I had thought of requesting working from home Th and Friday, but I think I will go and just be chill, Friday you can just wear a skirt and be relaxed and maybe even Thursday as well. Go and make some progress on the direct filing thing. Real progress. Do the faxes and confirmation verifications. All that is crappy work, I guess he is right. My goal will be, even if not really heading towards something, to excel here, if I am allowed to stay :), and then maybe move to that other place, if the opportunity is still available.

I think I am limited without a law degree from the us, so maybe I should consider an online one from the US. Hmm, there are some schools that might be doable, with video lectures…and more the US stlye, but still you would need to take the baby bar.


thinking about it!


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