Who knows why he invites me over to his house. He says it is so his son can practice English. And it might be that. So all in all it is not because of any genuine interest, fraternal or otherwise, in my person. But more because of wanting to get something out of you. The poing being, to not get carried away trusting this individual. Being nice to him, greeting him and chatting with him in the office, is just that, professional cordiality. This individual should have no bearing whatsoever on your decisions, professional or personal. I get carried away when I have him in front of him, but I will soon outgrow that . I was taken aback recently when I was complaining to him about my salary situation and he said, first, remain calm. I didn’t think I was yelling, I was agitated, but nothing grave. Just normal complaining tone. So, I don’t know where that came from, and he said, you’re an attorney, you’re a lawyer, you have to talk this way and this other way. Which to me it meant that maybe I was acting very unprofessionally, in a ghetto way, idk. I told him I was just being casual with him. I was indeed being somewhat aggressive but definitely not something to write home about, just your normal upset tone, something that wouldn’t cause concern stateside. I think he may have never seen a woman talking so strongly, maybe. The truth is, I have been excessively coy, in an attempt not to intimidate these people. I guess he got used to it. What I am faced with now, is how to shape my professional demeanor, my development, in a manner that does not involve this person. I know I need to take some initiative now with respect to issues pertinent to my country, be more proactive there. So keep up with the work that you have to do. Definitely set some productivity goals and adhere to them.


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