One of the strategies I will use to earn more, and put more towards my debt, is blogging. I have just come up with the idea. It is something I had thought of before but now is when I am finally stable to think it thoroughly and dedicate the time to it. I have been learning about how to get started. About affiliate links, text ads, banners, sponsored posts.

I plan on having blogs on many topics, such as weight loss, debt management/finances, law school, the EQE, and travel with great photography, also a lifestyle blog. I would also like a career switcher/sabbatical/travel with work kind of website. Lots of blogs, where to host them? Research hosting companies.


So that is the next step or steps:

1-research hosting companies

2-think of domain names…buy domain name

2-how would i pay for this (paypal maybe?)

3-get a camera, a good one, such as canon or nikon, in order to -save towrds that, research on cameras, I like the one SwedishLA uses.

3-structure my posting, when will I write, I think this is not so important


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